Monday, September 12, 2011

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Sitting here watching the final game of the NFL's opening week between the Raiders and Broncos and I must say I'm impressed with a few teams. Especially the Buffalo Bills!! I never gave them a chance of beating Kansas City but they more then beat them, they blew em out of the water. Hahahaha...Shout Out to my boy Stevie Johnson. I was also surprised by the fat egg Pittsburgh laid in Baltimore. I was expecting a closer game but we all have our bad days. It sure is great to have football back since I wont be watching my San Francisco Giants in the playoffs this year. Better luck next season.
Although my 49ers beat the hated Seahawks I was disappointed in how the offense was conservative for the whole game. They could've kept Mike Singletary and Jimmy Raye for how they played. Frank Gore had no running room at all. I only remember him getting just one 1st down. The O-line played just ok but I expected alot more under a new coach with offensive experience. Alex Smith did a good job with not getting any turnovers in this game. Way to keep the boos quieted for a change. Theres no telling if he wouldve been worse had he been given more chances to throw the ball but that remains to be seen next week. Its hard to critique any of the other playmakers Like Vernon, Braylon and Michael Crabtree because they werent given many chances either. Alex Smith finished with only 124 yards, Vernon had 47, Braylon had 27 and Mike had only 4. Against a good team, they wouldve gotten beat pretty bad so thank the schedule makers for giving us the measely Seahawks who were just as bad on offense. The thing that saved the 49ers was that blizting defense who was swarming Tavaras Jackson and Marshawn Lynch all game long and also who can forget Ted Ginn Jr. Ted single handedly put the game away with his 102 yard kickoff and 55 yard punt return in under 59 seconds. He had just taken a 1.2 million dollar pay cut a week earlier. I'd say hes earning it back. Theres never been a question about his return skills as he has returned 2 kicks in one game with the Miami Dolphins a few years ago. Its just his recieving skills that are mediocore.
 Next up are the Dallas Cowboys who are coming off lose to the Jets. The Cowboys defense is alot better than the Seahawks so the 49ers offense will have their hands full. If the defense and special teams can continue to play well, this can be a great win for Jim Harbaugh and the Niners. As I've said in week one, this team only goes as far as Alex Smith takes them. But the same goes for the Cowboys with Tony Romo. (As we saw against the Jets) The quarterback with the least mistakes wins the game.
Shout out to The Oakland Raiders Defense

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