Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Beginning

As it turns out I'm glad I took the job with Napa Vine aka Veolia Transportation. AC Transit didnt get my fingerprints back in time for me to start class today so now I have to wait until the July class. So in the meantime I'll train with Veolia and brush up on skills like my Pre Trip, my turning skills and whatever else I'm rusty at. I havent driven a bus since March when I did a road test for Reliant Travel in West Oakland so the training class will help me get back to where I was.I cant wait to start work Monday its been a long time. It'll be a 4 week class and its going to be different than the one I had with MV in February. With MV it was 40 hours of classroom and 40 of Behind the Wheel. With Veolia we will have an 8 hour class for the first day and everyday after that we will do half class in the morning and half behind the wheel. This should be fun. Way better than sitting in a room for a week. I just wonder why they still have those old GMC RTS buses which are more than 20 years old. They have a few brand new hybrid buses but other than those they have a very old fleet including some 35 ft gillig buses. I like those but they are pretty old too. Even though I look at this as a temporary job until AC calls me I still have one goal in mind. Come out of class number 1. I want to drive a bus more than anyone else so I know I'll be working harder than anyone else. But we have 2 days until class starts so I'm going to enjoy this weekend and my Fathers day. Was hoping to make the A's game tomorrow but I dont know we will see. If not I'm going to chill with my dad. He's driving the 80 for Vallejo Transit tomorrow to El Cerrito for a few hours so I'll ride with him for a little while. It's always fun riding with him we always have something to talk about.
Today I went to turn in my DMV printout to Muni so I can take the test next month so I hope I can pass that test, that is if I'm not working for AC yet. But right now those things arent important I've now switched my focus to Veolia since they hired me and I'm going to work hard for the time being. I'm probably going to be the youngest person in the class so I'm going to be underestimated like I was at MV so I'm going to show these guys how much drive I have in me. I'm kind of wishing we could skip the weekend but Monday will be here soon enough.

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