Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What A Week Its Been

This week has been pretty cool ofr me. Started work this week on Monday and I was able to see the Miami Heat take a 3-1 lead in the NBA Fianls versus the Oklahoma City Thunder. Finally Lebron is going to win his first ring so the media will leave the man alone. In other news though work has been tiring this week. Its my first time working since February so getting up early has been a little challenging for me I have to get used to working again. So far we've just been learning policies and safety regulstions. The first day we watched videos all day and took quizes on those videos. Yesterday we rode bus routes all day because our trainer got sick. It was sooooooo boring man. I usually dont mind riding the bus and at first I really didnt mind since I was getting paid to do it. But after lunch I was ready to go home. Most of the drivers seem scared to drive they all drive so slow. So it just made each route seem that much longer. On top of that the buses aren't well taken care of. Most of them are older than 10-15 years. The average life for a bus is only 12 years so they should've been bought new buses. The newest ones they have were bought in 2009 but they break down more than the older ones. They are new technology hybrid buses so havent really gotten all of the bugs out of the system.
Alot of the pre-trip stuff they showed us today I didn't agree with from what I learned at MV Transportation. But I just have to get used to the way they do things over at Veolia. Just seems like they do things backwards but I'll get through it. Its better than sitting on the couch so I cant complain too much. The routes are really easy to learn though I feel like if I went out there right now I wouldnt need directions. Napa is so small and all of the routes criss-cross so its hard to get lost. To me it is anyway. I just cant wait to get behind the wheel I was anxious today just being able to do part of the pre-trip I wanted to drive. Unfortunately he wouldn't even let us turn on the bus which sucked. When you already have your Class B license its hard to sit back and wish you could do certain things but you have to wait. I just need some patience thats all.

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