Monday, June 11, 2012

Slight Detour

So today I accepted a job offer with Napa Vine Transit bus company. They offered me a position on Friday but I waitied until today to accept becuase I thought AC Transit would have gotten my Livescan Fingerprints back by now. Apparently not so I chose to accept the offer from the Vine. I'm going to go along with the hiring process starting tomorrow with drug tests and a physical. The class starts on June 18th but I'm hoping that AC will get the prints back from the Department Of Justice before Friday so I can start class Friday. From th research I've done it seems delays from the DOJ are common with fingerprints when you have charges on your record or if the fingerprints werent recorded with good quality. I'm not worried about not getting into AC Transit I just want them to come back soon so I dont have to wait for the July class. I'm just going to keep the faith that I'll be in the Friday class but in the meantime I'm going to go forth with the process. Wheels Bus in Livermore also wanted to rehire me last Friday but I turned them down. I just figured with me waiting on AC Transit it'd be a waste of time and gas money for me to go to Livermore everyday knowing I'm wasting money and knowing I'm not going to be there long. Napa is closer to Vallejo so I can deal with going there for a little while. Just cant wait until I get that call so I can politely tell the people at the Vine thanks but I will be accepting an opportunity elsewhere.

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